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5 Levels of Care in Drug Treatment

Drug and alcohol abuse are serious issues that lead to hundreds of billions of dollars in lost revenue, crime, and healthcare costs each year. Are you or someone you love struggling with a substance abuse

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Eomtionally Sober for 30 days

How to Emotionally Stay Sober for 30 days

The concept of emotional sobriety originated with the 12-step Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) program. The 12th step in AA asks participants to live the previous 11 steps and practice the principles of AA in everything that they do. Part of this includes emotional sobriety, which involves addressing all of the negative feelings and thoughts that a person has ignored or suppressed with the help of alcohol.

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Sober man standing in front of chaulkboard with muscle arms drawn on it

How to Physically Stay Sober for 30 Days

Something that holds a lot of people back from pursuing sobriety is a fear of the unknown. Addicts want to know what to expect and be prepared for when they give up their drug of choice. They might find themselves googling “30 days sober what to expect”.

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Journey to Self-Discovery

Getting medically detoxed is the first step when entering a substance abuse center; the mind and emotions come next. If your addiction can make feel ashamed of your past, unworthy of love, alone, and depressed,

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