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Sobriety Solutions of New Jersey can help individuals learn how to regulate their emotions and thoughts through mindfulness. While mindfulness has a number of applications in everyday life, mindfulness can play a very important In recovery from a substance use disorder. With the outpatient drug treatment Bucks County, PA residents trust, our drug rehabilitation centers teach individuals to redefine the nature of stressful situations and stimuli that might trigger a fight or flight response. Prior to a mindfulness intervention, individuals may have been oblivious to the various factors that play a part in perpetual relapse. Our outpatient drug treatment in Camden County, NJ gives individuals the chance to examine those factors on a level playing field; this all happens in a calm, supportive, and safe environment. In time, the triggers become less daunting and more manageable.


Comprehensive and Mindfulness-Based System
Psychiatric services
Individualized therapy
Family therapy
Development of Healthy Lifestyle Skills

Benefits of Mindful Life Program:

Benefits of Mindfulness-Based Therapies in Addiction Treatment

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) recommends the use of mindfulness-based cognitive therapy to treat individuals who suffer from a Mental Health Disorder and a Substance Abuse Disorder. Research has also shown that it is a very effective tool for treating substance use disorders.

Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy is very beneficial in conjunction with Substance Abuse Treatment in the following ways;

Reinforces relapse prevention – Many individuals who suffer from substance abuse disorders also struggle with chronic depression. In addressing both the depression and the addiction during treatment, the client can learn how to differentiate the two and be mindful of their ability to overcome depression in the drug rehabilitation centers Montgomery County, PA offers.

Assists individuals in managing feelings of anxiety – Several studies found that the use of MBCT significantly decreased levels of anxiety, worry, and even improved sleep quality. Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy helps reduce stress levels and encourages individuals to recognize their anxiety as negative thoughts instead of predictive facts. Therefore, it reduces the power that negative thoughts have over the individual’s life. It all starts by contacting the drug rehabilitation centers Camden County, NJ and PA residents trust.

Supports trauma recovery – Research has shown that mindfulness-based cognitive therapy is an effective and highly beneficial therapeutic tool for treating Substance Abuse Disorders. In combining MBCT with other evidence- based therapies, Sobriety Solution of New Jersey Program can provide a well-rounded treatment program for individuals suffering from Substance Abuse Disorder.

How Sobriety Solutions Mindful Life Program Provides Integration into Life:

Sobriety Solution’s Mindful Life Program offers mindfulness-based therapy interventions and other clinical services which promote growth in recovery. These services include;

  • Mindfulness-based relapse prevention
  • Mindfulness-based stress reduction
  • Yoga
  • Coping skills training for specific substance use and mental health disorders
  • All clients will be assessed in areas such as career/education, family dynamics, and trauma which will drive chosen treatment interventions.
  • All groups will focus on an aspect of life that are a challenge to newly sober people.
  • Solution focused therapy will assist clients who are transitioning back into work, school and family life.
  • Sessions will be more exploratory for younger clients who are searching for a sense of purpose and meaning in early recovery.
  • Ancillary services will be provided to assist clients in resume building, interview skills, and temporary to full time job placement.

Explore mindfulness-based treatment practices with us at Sobriety Solutions. Our treatment advocates are standing by to discuss all of your options.

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Sobriety Solutions of New Jersey

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200 Independence Boulevard
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