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You ARE NOT Alone!

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If you are tired, feel isolated, or feel like no one understands what you are going through – you are not alone. No matter where you are in life – you have the opportunity to make changes. If you desire a better life, to be present and to be there for your loved ones – Sobriety Solutions is here to support you. Sobriety Solutions is not just addiction treatment; we are a family that wants to offer you the hope you deserve.

Celebrities & Addiction

Celebrities are people, just like us, who  make mistakes and face addiction. Here we have compiled our favorite quotes from celebrities who are sober. We hope that it inspires you in your recovery from drugs or alcohol addiction.

I couldn’t believe that anybody could be naturally happy without being on something. So I would say to anybody, ‘It does get better.'

Being in recovery has given me everything of value that I have in my life. Integrity, honesty, fearlessness, faith, a relationship with God, and most of all gratitude. It’s given me a beautiful family and an amazing career. I’m under no illusions where I would be without the gift of alcoholism and the chance to recover from it.

My recovery from drug addiction is the single greatest accomplishment of my life … but it takes work — hard, painful work — but the help is there, in every town and career, drug/drink freed members of society, from every single walk and talk of life to help and guide.

The priority of any addict is to anesthetize the pain of living to ease the passage of day with some purchased relief.

Getting sober was one of the three pivotal events in my life, along with becoming an actor and having a child. Of the three, finding my sobriety was the hardest thing.

Sobriety was the greatest gift I ever gave myself. I don't put it on a platform. I don't campaign about it. It's just something that works for me. It enabled me to really connect with another human being-my wife, Sheryl-which I was never able to do before

My identity shifted when I got into recovery. That's who I am now, and it actually gives me greater pleasure to have that identity than to be a musician or anything else, because it keeps me in a manageable size. When I'm down on the ground with my disease-which I'm happy to have-it gets me in tune. It gives me a spiritual anchor. Don't ask me to explain.

I think recovery organizations are essential. I still participate in that because I enjoy the sharing that takes place and the friendship

Addiction Statistics

  • According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), approximately 27 million Americans, or 10.2% of the American population over the age of 12 reported using illicit drugs in 2014.
  • An estimated 6.5 million Americans over the age of 12 reported current, non-medical use of prescription drugs, such as painkillers, tranquilizers, stimulants, and sedatives.
  • In 2014, 21.5 million Americans aged 12 or older met the criteria for a substance use disorder (or addiction) in the previous year.
  • Those who abuse prescription opioids are 40% more likely to use heroin than those who don’t.
  • The United States consumes 80% of the world’s prescription painkiller supply, despite not even making up 5% of the world’s population.
  • Nearly 17 million adults in the United States suffer from alcoholism.
  • An estimated 88,000 people die per year due to alcohol
  • It’s possible to die the first time you use cocaine; consumption quadruples the risk of sudden death.
  • Drug abuse led to about 2.5 million emergency department visits in 2011
  • Only about 11% of those addicted to drugs or alcohol in 2009 actually received treatment for their substance abuse disorder.

Additional Resources

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Sobriety Resources

Mental Health Treatment

Dealing with addiction is never easy and it is even more difficult when you are struggling with mental health disorder but there is hope. Treatment is available.

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Vivitrol/Medication Assisted

There are multiple avenues of recovery including medically assisted treatment such as Vivitrol available to those seeking solutions. Sobriety Solutions offers Vivitrol to clients as an additional tool.

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Sober Living Resources

Sober living options environments provide structure and support for people in recovery. Residents of sober living homes are able to re-connect with society while living among peers undergoing a similar treatment process.

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