Sobriety Solutions deserves a lot of the credit for where I am as a person today; personally, professionally, and financially. On the outside, I was living a good life when I first stepped into the doors at SSPA, however, I felt empty when I would look at myself in the mirror at the end of the day. Having been to inpatient treatment before, I did not want to go down the route of "going away" for a few months to get my life back together and SSPA provided me with the perfect opportunity to get myself back on the right track.

Through SSPA's outpatient program, I was able to get back to the roots of recovery without putting the rest of my life on pause for a few months. They provided phenomenal support with an individualized treatment plan that included both group sessions and one on one sessions with my counselor. Not only did I receive the treatment needed on site, but I was also able to contact my counselor throughout the course of the day if I ever needed anything. As I have moved on from outpatient therapy, I still receive monthly check in calls to ensure that I am doing everything to keep myself on the right track, and am always encouraged to reach out for support, or even just to say hello. In today's day and age when the addiction/treatment industry continues to look at patients as dollars rather than people, I have found it extremely refreshing to have started my path to recovery with SSPA where I was and still am treated like a valued person. Thanks to SSPA, and more importantly, the people who make up SSPA, I celebrate 1 year this month!
Kevin E