Substance Use Disorder Program

Intensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment for Men and Women in Philadelphia.

Sobriety Solutions of Pennsylvania

1000 Germantown Pike Suite E-1
Plymouth Meeting, PA


Sobriety Solutions of Pennsylvania Program Services

  • Daily transportation
  • Psychiatric Assessment
  • A compassionate, dedicated team of professionals
  • Individualized care and personalized treatment plans
  • A confidential environment with the highest privacy standards
  • Specialized groups including vocational training and life skills support
  • A family program that supports healing for both clients and their loved ones
  • A warm, family style, compassionate, comfortable environment in which client can start their journey towards recovery
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Partial Hospitalization Program

Individuals in recovery who are seeking to leave residential treatment but are not quite ready for outpatient services may find a middle ground in Sobriety Solution’s Partial Hospitalization Program. While our Partial Hospitalization Program is structured, we offer the flexibility needed to tailor treatment to an individual’s specific needs.
Our comprehensive Partial Hospitalization Program provides a therapeutic environment that allows individuals the time to address their Substance Use Disorder and receive the skills necessary to live a new way of life.


Monday thru Friday 9:00am – 3:00pm

What to expect from the program:

Relapse Prevention Skills
Yoga & Mindfulness
DBT Skills Group
Psychiatrist Services
Medication-Assisted Treatment
Two individual sessions per week
Motivational Interviewing
Vocational Group
Individual Career Coaching
Resume Building
Psycho-Education Groups
Weekly Family Contact
12-Step Facilitation
Music & Art Therapy

Intensive Outpatient Program

Sobriety Solutions of Pennsylvania offers intensive outpatient services for men and women who need a structured treatment program but may not require or desire the clinical intensity of a residential treatment program. Individuals admitted to the IOP level of care will participate in group counseling sessions and individual counseling. Designed for those who live in the area or can arrange nearby accommodations, our intensive outpatient program allows clients to continue their professional careers while receiving the necessary treatment to live a productive life, free from drug and alcohol dependence. Structured over an extended period, with flexible schedules to accommodate work, the program is designed to identify and address emotional and behavioral obstacles to long-term recovery.


3-5 days per week
Day Group 9:00am – 12:00pm
Evening Group 6:00pm – 9:00pm
Group Therapy
Family Therapy
Individual Therapy with Therapist and Psychiatrist
Open Module DBT Skills Group
Dedicated Career Coach

Outpatient Program

Sobriety Solutions of Pennsylvania offers outpatient (OP) services for men and women who need a structured treatment program after completing an intensive outpatient program. Individuals admitted to the OP level of care will participate in group counseling sessions (1 day per week) and individual counseling sessions each week. Group counseling sessions at this level of care will cover a range of educational and therapeutic topics to support each client in developing skills needed to maintain long-term recovery.


1 day per week
6:00pm – 7:00pm
Group Therapy
Family Therapy
Individual Therapy with Therapist and Psychiatrist

Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Group

Sobriety Solutions offers a skills based DBT group which started on April 1, 2019. Individuals are given the opportunity to have working knowledge of what DBT therapy can offer. Group is held once a week and is focused on learning about Dialectics and Mindfulness, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Emotion Regulation and Distress Tolerance. At the beginning of each group, group members participate in a mindfulness exercise and diary card review. Group then focuses on each module of DBT therapy with an emphasis on DBT skills. Individuals are encouraged to identify skills that they believe would be most beneficial for them and to practice these skills in group and on their own. This program is a 12-week program allowing three weeks for each of the four DBT modules. Group members are asked weekly if skills were implemented and if these skills were effective for them. Interaction and discussion in group is encouraged


Offered weekly
Positive feedback from the DBT skills group members
Individuals have found this effective in their lives, specifically when it comes to interacting with people whose relationships have value and when needing options to help self soothe when emotionally dysregulated or in emotional distress
The DBT skills group is open module meaning any new members can join the group upon admission



Sobriety Solutions of Pennsylvania

Plymouth Meeting

1000 Germantown Pike
Suite E-1
Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462

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