Alcoholism and Alcohol Treatment Options: Different type of Outpatient Programs and how they work

What is An Intensive Outpatient Treatment Center?

Intensive outpatient alcohol treatment center runs therapy similar to an inpatient treatment program. Intensive outpatient alcohol treatment center offers treatment at a set number of days and time per week while residential treatment is offered 24 hours per day for typically up to 30 days. Intensive outpatient alcohol treatment center is ideal for an individual who has no medical symptoms from alcohol or drug use and motivated to engage in treatment. This level of care can also be ideal for individuals who cannot leave work, disrupt school, or leave other responsibilities who wish to seek treatment. The factor that mostly determines whether an individual is appropriate for inpatient treatment or outpatient alcohol treatment – whether the individual is experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

Intensive outpatient alcohol treatment center works for an individual who disorder is considered stable. An individual typically enters an alcohol treatment center program at the intensive outpatient level of care and over time transition to the outpatient level of care. The therapy becomes less intensive as an individual progress in their recovery process at the alcohol treatment center.

What are the different types of outpatient?

Alcohol treatment center programs can offer vast option of outpatient level of care treatment. The alcohol treatment center outpatient programs will vary by days and times of treatment, services, and clinical intensity. There is a variety of outpatient treatment settings in order to meet in an individual where they are at in their recovery. Below you find a list of some of the most traditional outpatient options available at alcohol treatment centers:

Partial Hospitalization Program at Alcohol Treatment Center

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) can also be referred to as “Day Treatment” at alcohol treatment centers. A partial hospitalization program can run from 5 days per week to 7 days per week for up to 6 hours per day. This program is the most intense outpatient clinical program. Some individuals will transition from an inpatient alcohol treatment center to a partial hospitalization treatment center. Once an individual successfully completes a partial program, an individual traditionally transitions to an intensive outpatient program at an alcohol treatment center.

Intensive Outpatient Program at Alcohol Treatment Center

Intensive outpatient program is designed to offer clinical treatment at a variety of times to accommodate work, school, or other responsibilities of the individual seeking treatment. This process can also be transitional as some individuals start treatment at multiple days per week and transition to less treatment. Traditional intensive outpatient programs at alcohol treatment centers will offer day and evening hours for treatment. Alcohol treatment centers that offer intensive outpatient to try to meet an individual where they are at in their recovery.

How Does Intensive Outpatient Therapy Work?

Intensive outpatient therapy at alcohol treatment centers will typically offer individual therapy, group therapy, and family therapy. Alcohol treatment centers will also incorporate 12-step facilitation and evidence-based treatment approaches into the process.

Individuals who take part in individual counseling during alcohol treatment center program may find themselves feel better about themselves and their recovery. Individual counseling can be a freeing experience in order process and discuss their feelings and burdens that once harmed the individual. Alcohol treatment centers offer individual counseling as an opportunity to work on goals outside of recovery such a establishing a career, repairing friendships or family relationships, or finding new hobbies. Individual counseling will help achieve recovery oriented and personal goals in order to live a meaningful life. Individual therapy options are available at alcohol treatment centers.

Group counseling is a platform to bring together a number of individuals who are facing similar issues in a drug treatment setting. The counseling session will be monitored by a licensed therapist to promote a safe environment. The goal of the groups is to give individuals to share feelings and provide a deepened understanding of their disorder while receiving support from the group. Group counseling options while receiving treatment at alcohol treatment centers.

Alcohol treatment centers will not only treat the individual but the family as well. An individual can benefit from family counseling by helping the family better understand the dynamic and roles within the family. Family counseling is available at alcohol treatment centers.

An individual’s treatment plan at an alcohol treatment centers will be customized to meet the unique needs of the person. The goal of alcohol treatment centers intensive outpatient program like Sobriety Solutions is to help stabilize the individual and provide them with the skills, knowledge, and resources to achieve long-term sobriety.

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