Sobriety Solutions Family

Sobriety Solutions was founded as a family owned and operated treatment program focused on Substance Use Disorders and Co-Occurring Disorders. Sobriety Solutions was founded by a family who has experienced Substance Use Disorders first hand and understands the importance of quality care. Sobriety Solutions instills family culture and values into our programs. As a family owned and operated business, we understand Substance Use Disorder may be a family disease, but recovery is a family process. Meet the Sobriety Solutions family below.

Get to know the family with the solutions...

Justin Wilson

Chief Executive Officer

Justin is an experienced member of both the business and recovery community. Addiction and Entrepreneurship have been features of his family life as well as personal. For over a decade, Justin has successfully run businesses in several fields, coming from a family business background. He believes firmly in quality care and strong post-treatment programs and insures his staff is empowered to deliver it.

Andy Wilson


Andy Wilson is a Business Development and Marketing Strategist. As the Chairman of Sobriety Solutions, Andy helps the company grow their professional brand. After spending nearly 40 years working as the owner of a family owned and operated successful business, he brings a unique set of characteristics and drives results. Andy understands the importance of connecting with the those whom you’re trying to help and communicating his understanding back to them. In addition to his extensive business development and marketing background, Andy has experienced the disease of addiction in his own family and is committed to helping those suffering from addiction.